Mar 262013
The mayor of the city has already instructed to prepare a bill that would ban gays any public events in Syktyvkar

Syktyvkar is rapidly losing chances go down in history as the city in which for the first time in Russialegal gay pride parade was held. Municipal authorities, listening to religious communities and indifferent citizens banned from LGBT activists protest. Previously, the Administration did not object, then, apparently, has fluctuated, but now has a definitive point "on the issue.

"This decision was made after considering all the documents submitted by the claimants, as well as on the basis of the numerous addresses of citizens, public and religious organizations, which prohibit actions that promote the values of the LGBT community in Syktyvkar," explained on website the local administration.

Newspaper "Krasnoe Znamya" publishes documents that apparently had to examine, among other officials. So, Bishop of Syktyvkar and Vorkutinskoj of the Russian Orthodox ChurchPitirim the letter reminded the Mayor Ivan Pozdeevu, that homosexual love is Holy Scripture does not support that "such immoral trick is performed in the days of lent, which calls every Christian to be in spiritual development and bodily abstinence."

Syktyvkar "should not acquire a scandalous reputation the city feels free to the LGBT community," sure Orthodox cleric, who also urged not to turn into "a hotbed of immorality Syktyvkar".

Against "the troubles in the minds" and "the future of our children" was also addressed by Bishop Vasily Light Baptist Church. Baptists were reminded that in Mičurinskom Park, where a planned gay pride parade, Church, children's and entertainment, ice-skating rink and school of the arts, is a gay pride parade in this place "defies common sense". In a letter to the Mayor, published "Red flag"Lightweight called save "peace and accord in our city."

In place of the failed parade LGBT activist smashed face

But local journalists can tell the clergy and show confirmation video that in Syktyvkar has no rest, which could be retained. News staff BNK in Park of a name of Michurin, where planned Gay Parade and where the local "Hyde Park" tried to take an interview about same-sex love u opponents: LGBT activist Artsyom Kalinin and leader of "North Country" by Alexey Kolegova.

Reporters were not going to arrange debates between guests, planning to take their interview on the queue. But the conflict erupted by itself and quickly escalated into a fight. Both men ended up in a snowdrift, where LGBT rights activist Kalinin climbed with a broken face, after which long scolded his opponent, name-calling, his fascist and recalling some adultery.

Kalinin during the fight concussion, he broke the lip. His opponent Kolegov got no injuries and I am sure that this is a gay activist provoked conflict: "I came for an interview about my relationship to planiruûŝemusâ Gay Parade. On the ground, I saw a group of these activists-Sodomites. They saw me, started to insult me, I had to make them comment but Kalinin attacked me with his fists and was extremely aggressive. Of course, I bring the conflict pushed Kalinina, quieted a little, although he continued to insult me further. "

An activist of the Kalinin, despite injuries, conflicts with the reviewer and ban gay pride, it's still going to come March 31 in Michurinsky Park on an unauthorized rally.

In Syktyvkar want to ban along with a parade of gay propaganda

After the final prohibition of Gay Parade in Syktyvare think that for example St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and Kostroma a ban on promoting homosexuality.

The Mayor has already instructed to prepare a bill that would ban gays any public events in Syktyvkar, reports "Interfax".

LGBT activists wanted to hold a rally in Komi "Hyde Park" March 31. Syktyvkar They have positioned it as a gay pride parade in the Mičurinskogo Park, where there is a special area for collective discussion of relevant issues and expressions of public opinion.

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