Apr 232013

Action "Rainbow over Cupid" are going to hold the representatives of sexual minorities in Khabarovsk. The participants of the LGBT movement will appeal to the city authorities for permission to hold the shares, told Trend. IA AmurMedia organizer of the "Day of Silence" Alexander Ermoshkin.

- This year we are going to strengthen the flash mob "Rainbow over the Amur River." We plan to apply for permission to the city authorities to conduct a public campaign. So we are going to fight against discrimination. At the rally we will use posters and banners - said Alexander Ermoshkin.

As previously reported, the problem of discrimination of sexual minorities in Khabarovsk can discuss on the board of the Public Chamber of the Governor of the region. The participants of the LGBT movement are going to engage in dialogue with the Commission on the development of civil society.

Recall that, as stated Sergey Pleshakov, stocks of sexual minorities in Khabarovsk are not citizenship, is the position of "below the belt".

As previously reported, on April 8 in Khabarovsk, members of sexual minorities within the "Day of Silence" organized a flash mob, which caused a strong reaction in the social circles.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Khabarovsk region Berezutski, Yuri said that the flash mob organizers selected the wrong form of communication, or intends to have sought a violent public reaction.

Despite the ambiguous attitude of the Ombudsman to the action, the march organizers are pleased to have been able to attract the attention of Yuri Berezutskogo to their problems.

A member of the public organization "Young Guard" United Russia "Nikolai Nagorny on social networks expressed a negative attitude towards sexual minorities flashmob, while the head of the public organization" Young Guard "United Russia" in the Khabarovsk region Klimenko Cyril hastened to declare that the position is not the Nagorno MGER official position on the matter, and that an association relates to the gay march neutral - does not act is not "for" or "against" such initiatives if they are within the statutory rules.

Victor Zhmurko, second secretary of the Central District Committee of the Communist Party, Communist Party Secretary for Cooperation and work with the Communist youth, had earlier said that it was unacceptable to organize a gay pride parade, or any other actions of the LGBT community to the famous streets and squares of the cities of Khabarovsk Krai. Meanwhile, in our country, their rights are not denied, the gay community and so given more rights and opportunities than necessary.

Representatives of sexual minorities Khabarovsk hold public action "Rainbow over the Amur River." The latest news on the Khabarovsk AmurMedia

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