Apr 012013
Protestor in Russia

Sunday 31 March police detained in Syktyvkar on Stefanievskoj square, two LGBT activism, carrying pickets outside the single-State Council of the Republic and in front of City Hall. The action lasted for half an hour. Later the police had to remove the activists from the Office in connection with the crowd gathered near the homophobes.

While pickets LGBT activists stood with placards: "freedom marches for all?", "sex most of us ran circles around the mouth. We refuse to be invisible, "" Modernization on syktyvkarski: homophobia, censorship, fascism ".

Police checked the documents and asked to go with them, as well as single pickets were "not authorized".

One of those detained was the head of the Russian LGBT network in Syktyvkar Vyacheslav Sliussarev – organizer of a banned gay parade in Syktyvkar. "I defended its legitimate right to pursue a single picket in that place where I worked. This is the best place to convey their demands to the authorities. Freedom marches for all, even for gay pride! The authorities must stop muzzled. Government inaction makes you invisible, "he said.

Pickets were held in conjunction with the annual "week of campaign against homophobia" and passed, despite the refusal of the city administration in a gay pride parade and a willingness to adopt a law banning so-called "propagation of homosexuality". It should be noted that the city administration had earlier agreed on holding the event in the Mičurinskogo Park, which is set by the Republican government as Hyde Park. A few days later, however, advised the organisers not to reconcile, although the rally was scheduled to be held in Hyde Park, where permission is not required at all.

After his arrest, police were forced to remove the picketers from the transport service under the shouts of "death to the sodomitam!". Plot surrounded about 20 homophobes, some of them were masked. They threw eggs. Police arrested one of the attackers.

However, on Sunday at Mičurinskom Park hosted the rally far-right organization "Frontier of the North". The website reported that the event will be from 8 am to 22 pm. The site stated that such a decision was made not to give LGBT activists to hold their picket lines.

GayRussia, referring to "Rosbalt"

Police detained two Syktyvkar single LGBT picketers