May 082013
Side By Side

On Monday, May 6 human rights of LGBT film festival "Side by Side" was ruling the Prosecutor's Office of the Central District of St. Petersburg, in which the organization is accused of violating Article 19.7 of the administrative "foreign agents."

According to a press release from the organization, the prosecutor's investigation festival began March 21, when the organization's office suddenly raided "mobile group", consisting of a total of six people - employees of the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Requirements security officials were charged on three pages, paragraphs A) to C). After the presentation of documents on April 23 in the office of "Side by Sides" The prosecutors appeared again with a new list - this time in six pages. It was clear that the Prosecution examined in more detail the activities of the organization and demanded all the movies, all documents, all printed materials. Deadline for submitting materials labeled extremely short - the next day, April 24.

A week later, on April 30, the organization received a summons to the prosecutor. Were on the agenda are "violations" of the articles on "foreign agents."

In a submission to the festival for the signature of the procurator of the Central District of St. Petersburg DG Burdova imputed two "violations" - edition of "International LGBT movement: from local issues to global politics," as well as participation in the campaign "Together stop homophobic law", and is charged with the campaign against the federal law banning gay propaganda.

Festival Organizing Committee stressed that refers to the law on "agents" as an unconstitutional laws designed to crackdown on human rights organizations. The very necessity of the entry in the register of "agents" is unlawful and contrary to the spirit of the law on NGOs, as said many times, not only the defenders themselves, but also the Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov in January of this year.

Trial of a film festival in the world held court at the end of May. "Side by Side" is going to defend their case in court and did not stop before contesting the label "foreign agent" in all courts up to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Meanwhile, according to the information available, similar to the film festival and the checks carried out at the St. Petersburg LGBT organization "Exit", which can also be held liable for failure to declare itself as a "foreign agent".

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Petersburg Prosecutor's Office has recognized LGBT film festival "Side by Side" and the LGBT organization, "Exit", "foreign agents"

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