Apr 152013

Member of the Coordinating Council of the opposition alliance rejected opposition Konstantinov Daniel nationalists with leftist forces due to their support of LGBT rights. Is under arrest on murder charges, a nationalist Konstantinov told this April 12 in an interview to "free press".

"I will say a few words about the European Left" - said Konstantinov. - "As far as I can imagine it's pretty bitty okolokommunisticheskoe movement with a common rejection of neoliberalism and globalization, bourgeois. There are strong and green ideas. Movement focused mainly on young people and organized networked. "

"The denial of the principles of neo-liberalism and globalisation, as well as the careful attitude to the environment, Russian nationalists could easily find common language with the European left," agreed.

"But, unfortunately, the European left have been known and increased attention to gender issues and political lobbying interests of the homosexual community that makes working with them right very difficult," the oppositionist is convinced.

Daniel Konstantinov was elected to the Coordinating Council of the opposition for nationalist list, being already under arrest. Coordinating Council brings together major opposition forces, including the nationalists, leftists and Liberals, as well as representatives of the human rights movement.

Earlier, another Member of the COP, one of the leaders of the opposition National Democratic Party Vladimir Tor expressed full solidarity with the homophobic stance of the ROC and Russian authorities regarding LGBT rights.


The nationalists refused to cooperate with the left opposition of the LGBTQ support

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