May 062013
King of Pop in Russia

Unexpected excitement on the Internet on Monday, 6 may, caused it to Philip Kirkorov concert v bkz "oktyabrskij" three-week limitation. Moral guard protested that the King of Russian pop stars dare followed Madonna from the stage to comment on the St. Petersburg law banning gay propaganda. And it's all the children in the audience.

- Perhaps the only place to be frank and candid feel their words - to his fans at the concert turned King of Pop. - In a world that behind the scenes, behind the scenes, outside ... There's a lot of yellow. This fashionable in St. Petersburg is now blueness. All are struggling with it, can not be beat. Why struggle with the fact that not ugly. Why humiliate yourself like stocks? If you're a free man, if you are loved, no matter what color of skin you have, or blood. The main thing that you love and love. What more do you need?

The Hall erupted in applause.

-What more do you need? – Philipp Bedrosovich repeated sidelines.

Applause is not smolkali. What fans didn't like the taste of some bloggers.

-And what it is you have in Peter Kirkorov freely promotes homosexuality, it justifies, approves at a public concert? -asked by Vadim Tyulpanov Twitter podpisčica Svetlana Zakharova.

-We will be fine, if that's the case, "promised Senator.

The breacher is abroad now. The claims from the guardians of morality, apparently has no idea. Yesterday Philip Kirkorov went to Justin Bieber's concert in Dubai.

-This is w it was me yesterday to come on the show, Bieber, when it carried out the attempt! -Twitter is the King of pop. – I naively thought it was part of the show.

Kirkorov can be punished for advocating homosexuality in St. Petersburg/RU/KP.