May 062013
St Petersburg from canal

Every year in St. Petersburg about 10 people are changing the floor, it was told by Assistant Professor of Sexology Mechnikov Medical University, Medical Center, urban sexual sexologist Michael Ekimov.

"Many believe that sex change surgery, but it's not. In fact the sex change was adopted by the Commission in seksologičeskom Center, "he said. The Commission consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists. Its task is to determine whether or not a person is a transsexual: this is the only reason to change sex.

"The transseksualizmom implied strong, psychological adjustment, unidentifiable self-consciousness person of the opposite sex," says Michael Ekimov. Is not a psychiatric disorder and personality disorder ".

If the professional survey confirms that a person is a transsexual, he/she receives a certificate on the basis of which he could go to the REGISTRY OFFICE and obtain new documents. This procedure is called a change of sex – just having all the necessary documents, an individual can apply to surgeons.

Surgery can only people over 18 years of age before the diagnosis of "transsexualism".

In Petersburg the surgical correction of sexual characteristics is conducted in several medical institutions, including private ones.

A correction of the man who wants to become a woman easier. This can be done in one operation. At the same time, the process of surgical simulation of male sexual organs is much more complicated, it may take up to 10 operations.

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Saint Petersburg clinics make about 10 gender reassignment surgeries per year

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