Apr 172013
Ataman Irbis

Ataman "of the Orthodox Union of Cossacks" Irbis "" Andrei Polyakov of St. Petersburg has criticized the law banning propaganda of homosexuality, operating in the city. According to him, a homosexual should be tackled through the promotion of "orthodox values" rather than prohibition. He said this in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts in St. Petersburg" on April 15.

According to him, it does not support a law banning gay propaganda. "Again, this is someone's PR. We must create the conditions under which in itself is a phenomenon dies. For most people it is a perversion. It's a useless law. Need to help organizations that are opposed to this. The more we will understand the idea, the less perverts. And so the birth rate is falling, and if part of the population will move towards gays, people are left with soon, "- said Polyakov.

He questioned the usefulness of the efforts of the author of the law, Deputy Vitalia Milonova ("United Russia") to combat gay propaganda.

"We should not fight Here because in the heat of the fight only drew attention to the children. One must cultivate the Orthodox culture, the cult of the family, should be a national idea. Even in America it came, it is much cheaper and more effective than to fight, "said Ataman.

A law banning promotion of homosexuality among minors was passed by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg last year. Now similar prohibitions exist in several regions of Russia and the State Duma intends to introduce a national ban of gay propaganda.


Cossack Ataman of St. Petersburg against the banning of a gay advocate

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