May 132013
Putin and anti-western

The Agency "Rosbalt" published May 8 article "how to live without Putin?", in which the adoption of a law banning the promotion of homosexuality is regarded as part of the general policy of the Russian authorities to destroy the creative class and European values in Russia.

"The Kremlin quickly recovered from the humiliation inflicted upon him in the winter of 2011/12, and moved to the counterattack. It was very successful, "says the article, which tells about the Russian Government's crackdown on the opposition and the liberal left and the actual defeat.

"Then the power acted like a tyrant unbridled home - a familiar situation for most Russian families. The blood rushed to his eyes, and he began to violently sneer at all expensive, which is the world of his household - in this case the loser of the "creative class", "- said on.

"Not meeting any resistance, the power is significant trampled in the dirt one after the other values ​​that are the basis of European civilization - the love of the poor (" the law of Dima Yakovlev "), tolerance (the" law of defamation "," law on the promotion of homosexuality "bill" on insulting the feelings of believers "). The ending of this hysteria was almost outright ban on "the activities of Europe" in the country - find spies under the bed ("foreign agents in the NCB"), "- says the article.

"Plenty ottoptavshis to" creative class "and making sure that all understand correctly, the power wearily looked around and plopped down in exhaustion on a feather bed. This situation is called "stagnation" and is a common form of government in Russia. Nothing new. On the way to the Kremlin lost his popularity not only among the losers "Russian Europeans" (we wrote that they number about 20% of the population), but also at the grassroots Russia ", - emphasized in the article.

"There was only a minuscule - rolling in a soft form of fascism, in this case - exponential fight against migrants. But here, the Kremlin will not go away, knowing that the costs exceed the gains, "- concludes the article.

Nikolai Baev

Rosbalt: Ban gay propaganda is part of anti-Western hysteria "

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