Apr 112013
Yevgenia Albats

Chief editor of the "New Era" Yevgenia Albats criticized homophobic statements by Vladimir Putin during his press conference in the Netherlands on April 8. Then he, in particular, noted that he could not imagine a gay marriage in Chechnya, as their legalization would lead to "victims."

In an interview with radio station "Echo of Moscow" on April 9 she accused the Russian president is that he used the substitution of concepts and deliberately confused the topic of homosexuality and pedophilia. "But what Putin does not understand that homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia, I do not. Hence, there is a very deliberate substitution of concepts "- said Albats.

"The second thing that struck me even more, it is that Putin is always appealing," Behold, we did not understand. That is, God forbid, gay marriage in Chechnya - there was grabbed by the arms, "and so forth," - she said.

"So, from the earliest history of mankind is a concept that is called the" rule of thumb ". Rule of thumb - it comes from ancient Rome, from the gladiator fights, when the life or death of the gladiator determined crowd, tribune. If death, then it means that the finger turned down, right? Here, the whole development of humanity, not only in philosophy but also in terms of development of the state institutions, mode, and so on followed the part of the defense of the rule of thumb "- reflects Albats.

"All mankind is on the development of the protection of the individual, the individual groups from the crowd. And Putin in its rhetoric in Europe, which put a thousand lives just for the principle of protection of the individual from the crowd - the protection of religious beliefs, the protection of philosophical views, ideological views, any desired views of the individual from the crowd - he goes out and to this audience, he shows himself a man who understands that the role of politicians and leaders is not to go with the crowd, where the crowd ran after them and I skipped, but rather to lead people, knowing that humans are not rational fears peculiar psychosis. So, in fact, the leader must turn to the crowd and show what in English is called «vision», ie the ability to see the world is wider, more clearly than it is accessible to people who are at the bottom, "- says the journalist.

"And suddenly we see that Putin - he did not even behind public opinion, but just far away, he still sat there back off into the scoop, at the corner of the thick" - sums it.

"Putin does not understand, that the enlightened European leader, namely, Europe went through a period of enlightenment, insanely painful process of enlightenment, he, on the contrary, it's this fear of the crowd - it should not be making a big fuss, and in every way to use it, but on the contrary, its objective - protect individuals, some groups of the population. This, in fact, is its function as a guarantor of the rights of all Russians "- sure Albats.

"Here is the backwardness - is it suddenly climbed inside. It has become quite obvious that mentally whether Putin returned to the time when he was young and he served in the KGB, this age some things. It's hard to say. But this, of course, this is really dreadful. Just the trouble, "- she laments.

"I understand, if he acted with such a performance in Zimbabwe or anywhere in Nigeria, right? Or in Iran. Probably, it would find a response. But such a performance in Europe - is, of course, terribly for the leader of the country that claims to be a place in the modern civilized world ", - concluded the journalist.


Yevgenia Albats: Rhetoric Putin monstrous leader for modern civilized country

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