Apr 032013
Russian military doctor says homosexuality cause mental illness

Military-medical Commission Chairperson military commissariat of Moscow region Viktor Marchenko said that gays don't have to serve in the army because they tend to have psychological problems and endocrine disorders.

"Sexual preferences are not exempt from the army. But, as a rule, those with non-traditional orientation, have psychological pathologies or endocrine disorders. These citizens are exempt from military service, "he said in an interview to" the suburbs "on April 1.

"I never met this guy came to the military enlistment office and pathetically said:" I consider myself gay, and therefore will not serve ", he added.

As we know, homosexuality is officially not considered a disease in Russia. In reality, however, and especially in the regions, is creeping pathology of homosexuality. So, conscripts, who are gay, military enlistment offices are sent back for further psychiatric examination, after which exempt from the service on the basis of "mental problems".

Nikolai Baev

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