Apr 102012
Oleg Lyashko

Notorious Verkhovna Rada Deputy and leader of the radical party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko decided to run for Mayor of Kiev. "The most beautiful city in the world deserves to be radical changes, so I'm going for mayor" – quotes Lyashko Edition Корреспондент.net.
The leader of the radical party, which until October 2010 year was the parliamentary factions of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, has received widespread notoriety after the publication on the Internet of old videos where young investigators have interrogated Lyashko was recognized in a homosexual relationship with a high-ranking "Northwind". Subsequently, the Deputy was expelled from the YULIA TYMOSHENKO BLOC, although refused to associate this with the scandal.

After that, Lyashko has created radical party and became famous for their antics within the walls of Parliament èpatiruûŝimi and all kinds of protests. In particular, he has tried to hold Elections, sniff the ground to cow the parliamentary rostrum, recognized in the Organization of escape from the colony of Timoshenko, bullies illegal gaming machines in Kyiv and so on.

In February, the Court decided to return to UKRAINE, however, the former having denied him.

Speaking about the upcoming mayoral election, Lyashko said that he considered it inappropriate to maintain the head of Kyiv City State administration Alexander Popov (de facto Mayor, Leonid Chernovetsky-Mayor de jure is already more than one and a half years ago has dissociated from the Office of Kiev), because it is the ruling party of regions. With regard to the other contender for the post of Mayor, leader of party of Vitali Klitschko-he believes Lyashko, "does not understand the problems of people."

The head of the radical party also promised to hold in the Kiev City Council "young girls and guys who can lift with the knees of Kyiv and Ukraine" the Ukrainian capital "and make the" capital of the world "to Dubai, New York, London, Paris and Moscow were left behind in the role.

Kyiv mayoral election scheduled for October this year, they should go simultaneously with the vote in Parliament. However, as UNIAN agency reported, the election may defer to the Mayor May, because this month end powers CHERNOVETSKIY. At the same time with the election of the Mayor of Kiev City Council elections can take place.


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