Apr 232013

LGBT activists of Voronezh have decided to prosecute top leaders of the City Council and the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS for inaction on memorable picket against the promotion of homosexuality.

Agreed picket gay activists against homophobic law, which was considered by the State Duma in Voronezh was foiled on January 20. Actually, he has not yet begun - the opponents of gays in the amount of 150 people rushed to barely caught on the square in front of the monument to Nikitin activists. Fired at them with snowballs, and then began to beat. Injuring two people.

According to the plaintiffs, for the failure of the organizers of the rally and beating of officials should be punished. Director of the foundation "for environmental and social justice," Alexei Kozlov believes that the administration and staff of Ministry of Internal Affairs have committed a socially dangerous act - perhaps even more than those who just tore share. The authorities, according to Kozlov, left an obvious crime unpunished, supporting the criminals and giving a signal to potential criminals: for you it will be nothing.

Gay activists named concrete names is one of the chiefs of staff at City Hall, municipal administration and one of the leaders of the regional ADMINISTRATION.

According to the applicants ' counsel, Gnezdilov Ol'ha, activists want to idle three officials acknowledged the illegal.

Alexander Valiev

Gay activists are suing the Government and shipped to the police | Voronezh, gay picket, suit, judgment, power | City Of Voronezh-Times

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