Jun 222012

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At a St. Petersburg Sachsa today passed a parliamentary hearing on the practice of application of the law on "gay propaganda". LGBT activists visited on them, have concluded that these laws are not made to deal with the problem of protecting children, but exclusively for PR and from the desire to win over conservative citizens.

"Rosbalt" was told in the press service of the LGBT organization coming out of the hearings organized by Vitaly Milonovym, traditionally public learned only at the last moment.

"Not even all the parliamentary factions were aware of plans for the controversial MP. Faction yabloko learned about them literally the night before, "said gay activists.

According to them, the hearing was attended by representatives of the regions, which had already been adopted or planned to adopt a law on "gay propaganda". Words of support and thanks to the initiator of the law were made by the representatives of the Samara, Tula, the Novgorod City, Arkhangelsk and Novosibirsk doom regional doom.

"The experts invite the proponent hearings, traditionally talked about homosexuality in terms of sin, debauchery and mental illness, ignoring the data of modern science about homosexuality, the position of the Russian Ministry of health and the World Health Organization. Only member of yabloko, Maxim Reznik called parties to abandon the speeches of hatred against gays and lesbians and to respectful dialogue, as befits a city Parliament, "told representatives of the Organization

In fact, they said, none of the experts had not talked about the stated topic — the practice of law

In addition, neither nor representatives of regions Milonow failed to give examples of the application of article for "gay propaganda", but fine for Nikolai Alekseev in St. Petersburg.

According to them, the most competent in the matter of the application of the law were human rights activists. As the Chairman of the Russian LGBT Network Igor Kochetkov told the audience that, in fact, adopted a law in Petersburg is used for intimidation and detention of ordinary people and human rights defenders, but neither the police nor the judges do not hand down charges detained under this heading, since according to the adopted law is almost impossible to determine the composition of administrative offence

"Judging by how actively gave thanks to Vitaliy Milonova deputies of other regions and the blessing of priests, St. Petersburg apparently became a test site for the State of discrimination and humiliation of millions of gays and lesbians of Russia",-concluded the advocacy Manager LGBT organization "exit" Mihail Belodedov.

As we have informed, in St. Petersburg has a bill banning the promotion of homosexuality.He was supported by a majority of Deputies and signed by the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. The law officially joined 30 March.

According to the law, for "dissemination of publicly available way information likely to harm the health, moral and spiritual development, including form they have misperceptions about social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional marriage", in the northern capital will be fine. Размер штрафов следующий: для физических лиц — 5 тыс. руб., для должностных — 50 тыс. руб., для юридических — 500 тыс. руб.