Apr 112013
Taxi in Russia

St. Petersburg gays offered a new service - a dedicated taxi where all the drivers - the representatives of sexual minorities. </font><font>Most taxi drivers do Shuttle buses from the gay clubs, but often they send people to the airport, and even to work.

The"gay-taxi" service utilizes 20 cabs, and all drivers undergo a rigorous selection process. As explained by one of the co-founders of the firm's Online812 novel, prospective drivers come to him on the advice of friends. Although he says that Staff checks the security service, actually he was unclear about the specific hiring process. Under typical conditions, gay people utilizing ordinary taxis find it tough to be themselves. Very often the person who sits down in a taxi, wants to chat. And what would he be able to talk about with a straight driver?

With driver-gay you can always be sure of your safety, and quietly kissing in the back seat. "The other taxi drivers need to think about the reaction. There have been cases where gays just beaten. We have no such "lurid Novel advantages of their taxis.

Peak loads occur in the second half of the week, when people go to clubs. For a month of work were regular customers who communicate directly with drivers, bypassing the dispatcher service.

Gay women taxi podvozilo only once. However, the interest is there, and soon the work plan to take the experienced voditel′nic. The representatives of the minority sex will feel more comfortable. Also in the plans is to expand the fleet of expensive cars, a Mercedes and a BMW. Many gay men like driving cars of representative class.

Externally distinguishable from ordinary gay taxi cannot be — the Rainbow on board, no one is going to draw it is unsafe. The firm is not registered officially they enjoy another license fleet.

Attacks here are homophobes. Like the novel, assures all drivers — strong guys who can fend for themselves. The cars are equipped with alarm buttons, and to have the assistance of the security service may always be.

The cost of the trip in a taxi – 25 rubles. per km. This is even lower than the competition. For example, the taxi 777 and "my city" in the same leg take 30 rubles, "Fortune" – 28 rubles.

В Петербурге появилось гей-такси – Город 812

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