Apr 082013

Originally meet Putin in Amsterdam are the oldest European LGBT organization COC Nederland. His protest against the adoption in Russia "antigejskih" laws, they decided to express "hanging rainbow flags.

"We are talking primarily about the demonstration, "MK" reported in the Secretariat, COC Nederland. -We decide to not far from the place where Putin invited to dinner at six o'clock in the evening of April 8. The demonstration will start at seven o'clock. About 4000 people have already expressed their willingness to join us on Facebook.

The situation with the Gay Parade in Amsterdam "MK" antigejskogo "commented on" the ideologist of the law in St. Petersburg, Member of the St. Petersburg Zaksobraniâ Vitaliy MILONOW:

- I do not know the motivation of Amsterdam gays in this case (and whether it is at all). But, of course, our law has played in the behavior of the role. They are very sensitive about the fact that in Europe are state opposing sodomy and uphold traditional values. Well, they want to show their opinion - they have a right! Thank God, the gay parade will take place not in St. Petersburg and in Russia. I think it is not very nice when walking through the streets naked guys. Attitude I have for this shit normal, negative, as any normal person. All cities have their pros and cons, and Amsterdam we love above all for the wonderful architecture, which was partly inherited St. Petersburg, and not for his gay movement. But the laws of decency, I believe we can not dictate to pay attention to these their "problemki." And again, I think that Vladimir Vladimirovich will see Amsterdam's gay. . Typically, security is very effectively in such cases, and the first person does not notice that someone was standing there. For example, the delegation of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly has been in South America, and there homosexuals conducted such an action. We do not even see, we then found out from the media that there's somebody marched.

Putin will meet in Amsterdam Gay Parade 4000-world policy and international relations – MC